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O Happy Day!

You finished your screenplay.

Your best friend loved it. Your mother cried when she read it. It’s ready. Time to make a list of all those studios, directors, agents, and actors looking for good material. (Don’t forget the guy you met at that party last summer.) Time to send it out. Right?

Wait. Hold it. Brakes!!! Take a breath.

Your Script Has Just One Shot.

Everyone who has read your script has read a story, but that industry player receiving your package is reading blueprints for the construction of a large, complex, collaborative project that will take over her life for months or years and could cost millions of dollars!

Shouldn't you have a professional look at it before you put a stamp on it?

Give Your Script Legs!

Busy executives depend on Story Analysts (“Readers”) to evaluate your script before they spend their valuable time reading it themselves. Readers are gatekeepers. Getting a script past the Story Analyst is often the most challenging part of the process. They see scores of scripts, and if they don’t like yours -- their bosses won’t see it. Readers can be fired for saying "maybe" too often -- but nobody loses their job for saying “no.”  Don’t give them any reason to say no. How?

Flick Scripts Helps You Craft a Page-Turner.

Get your script analyzed by an experienced studio reader and teacher before you send those precious pages out into the big chill -– before you line a wall with form letters that vaguely refer to “structural problems,” or claim the writing is good “but not what we’re looking for at this time.” Flick Scripts will analyze your script from the inside out.  You’ll learn what drives it, and how to make it fire on all cylinders.  You'll learn its strengths and weaknesses, where it needs work, and what work it needs. You’ll have a Roadmap for Revision, so you can send that baby into the world packed with:

  1. Engaging Premise
  2. Satisfying Resolution
  3. Rich Subplots
  4. Effective Characters
  5. Strong Structure
  6. Interesting Themes
  7. Cinematic Action and Images
  8. Crackling Dialog
  9. Spellbinding Storyline (and, last -- but not least)
  10. Proper Formatting

Blow the Reader Away with a Dynamic Story Told Well.

Get the inside studio perspective. Find out how studios, stars, producers, agents, and industry insiders will react to your work so you can send them what they want!

Put a Welcome Sign on Your Script

with professional gloss.

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