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The 5 Elements of Successful Communication


Perhaps the most crucial step to success is understanding your audience so that you can craft the message that will connect with them. Capture their attention with what interests them.


Keep your audience involved with your message by delivering it in the most accessible, high-impact formats — with the same story elements that keep all audiences emotionally and physically involved: drama,  character, passion, hope, humor, tone, catharsis.


Surprise and educate your audience with information that confers authority and enhances your relationship, illuminates benefits, and nails your message.


You’ve kept your audience on the edges of their seats. Make sure they have a reason to call now or risk everything. Like any great epic, our heroic audience must take action right away to save the world (or 20%).


Fulfill beyond expectations. Ensure repeat purchase, upsells, and most importantly — word of mouth.


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