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Thank you!

You have the ability to challenge a company’s value system with tact and insight and to offer creative solutions. Your creativity permits me to move on with the project, confident your part is being completed to meet my highest expectations… You are an integral part of my team, and yet I can count on you to function independently, with as little or as much direction as any project requires. Your high standards are reflected in every project we’ve undertaken, in the way you conduct business, and in the way you communicate… On every occasion which I’ve been fortunate enough to work with you, you’ve proven to be an invaluable business asset.


Frank Hartley, Pres., Compass Financial Marketing


"Your coverage is reliable, insightful, and unerring. Your skill and humor turn your reports into a fun read. You get to the heart of the story in your analysis. When you tell me to read a script, I know I'm not wasting my time. When you tell me to pass on it, I know I'm not missing anything. Send any script you think is right for us."


Charles Matthau, The Matthau Company

"You're my first call. Not just because I taught you everything you know. Because I’ve always said, 'Choose your first reader carefully.' You prove that it’s good advice. The script you analyzed for me will premiere at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater this month. I look forward to seeing you there."


Prof. F. Menendez, Chairman Film Dept, UNLV

Filmmaker, Medio Tiempo

Selected Showtime Latino Filmmakers Showcase

Thank you for a job well done. We’ve already instituted a number of your “Perception Marketing” concepts; the Research Department is up and running, and we’ve adopted a Phase 2 attitude … I’m looking forward to working with you on a direct mail project — details to come.


Tom Caldwell, VP Weddle/Caldwell Advertising


Just started an internship with Brett Ratner at Paramount! I love it I do coverage all day! I also volunteer for creative screenwriting magazine at their screenings. I actually had dinner with the writers of Zombieland this past weekend! Again, thank you for reading my coverage and giving me notes! Without that I don't think I would be doing what I'm doing right now!


 Thank you for the encouragement! I'm doing everything in my power to make my dreams come true… Actually, it looks like it might happen at my new internship…  I actually get to sit in on the meetings, pitch ideas, relay research results with my objective of what's needed in the TV industry… it's all very exciting … Obviously you made an impact on me and I know you will for others. That has to be a rewarding feeling! :-)


Glenda Delgado, Development and Acquisitions, Universal Pictures 

I thought I knew my script inside out. But your insights into key points and relationships took me to a whole other level of what [it] could become… You were right in wanting more local color -- and in making the locale a "character" in and of itself. With your suggestions, I can almost feel the setting breathe. Although you liked the basic structure, you recognized how it could be strengthened. With relatively few corrections, I have made the story tighter and more focused. And with the alternative ending you thought of, the payoff is clearer -- which allows the stakes to escalate… I was surprised at how quickly you picked out the story's theme -- even though it was slightly different from what I had been using. Actually, I think yours works better… You reinforced and complimented me on what I had done well, suggested what could be tweaked and how to do it, and then helped me clarify both the theme and protagonist's arc. WOW! Your script service rates five stars!


K Lingo, Screenwriter


"Julie Saintanne has been a key component to my success. She helped me with every aspect of my professional growth, including marketing plans and materials, business and investment letters, proposals, and contracts. She’s my first call for every project. From concept and proposal to copy finish. She’s always on time, well researched, creative, and detailed — regardless of distance."


Amy Color, AC Creative

It looks terrific.  Somehow, seeing it in PDF is very different. This is as readable as it gets, so much more so than the research paper was. Thank you thank you thank you.  I learned a great deal from this process and I really appreciated your patience .


Marcia Wilson, J.D. Author


The pdf looks amazing Julie. It's great.  I really have a newfound admiration for the art of page layout, visual design, and copy editing, which I thank you for.  


Katherine Ginsberg, M.S, Author

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